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Coco Dining & Whisky Bar

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At CoCo Saigon, the Front of house team is the one who directly conveys the messages and culinary values ​​of Chef Vuong want to bring to diners. To be able to give customers the most complete dinner, the members are all well-trained from the smallest skills, then spend a lot of effort to be able to arrange and display every detail in the area. dining area, so that everything is neat, orderly, and clean.
We put love and passion into our work every day, from preparing food and making cocktails down to every single detail of decoration and customer service. All are to ensure the best fine dining experience for our customers and their loved ones.
The concept of fine dining is not only all about taste but also the overall experience of all the senses. This is what each of Coco Saigon staff is striving for to provide the most complete fine dining experience for all the diners.

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