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Following the trend of the world, especially cities with unique identities, have brought remarkable success in the process of forming global intercultural cultures such as Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok ... CoCo Saigon It is expected to be an interesting destination, a must when tourists visit Saigon to properly represent the vibrant breath of Vietnam in the new era.

With a team of talented young people who have a lot of passion, enthusiasm and desire to reach out to the world, CoCo Saigon is on a journey to elevate Vietnamese cuisine to a more internationalized manner, thereby introducing Vietnamese cuisine to the world. real Vietnam to the world.

An icon starts from a vision. A vision is something which cannot be seen at the present.

Our story at Coco Saigon is based on the mindset of the determination to establish the new Vietnamese aesthetic in modern society by the next youthful, energetic Viet generation.

Following the modern trend of many iconic tourist cities that have successfully created the new global culture such as Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, etc., Coco Saigon's ambition is to become a tourist attraction for everybody who visits Saigon, representing the new modern Vietnam .

With our youthful personnels, who have a lot of passion and enthusiasm, Coco Saigon is on a journey of elevating Vietnamese cuisine in order to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the world.
📍143 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh City
| 096 973 0660

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